Payment Procedure

Every effort is made to keep down the cost of counseling.  Payment is due at the time of service.  Any other balance is due and payable upon receipt of a monthly statement, and a finance charge of 1.5% will be added monthly as necessary to the unpaid balance until the debt is paid out.  We do not accept assignment of Insurance benefits as payment unless you have a prior arrangement with your therapist.  If you do have insurance coverage, we will be glad to file for you as a courtesy.  The assignment of any benefits your policy allows will made to the insured.  It is your responsibility to follow up with your insurance company if necessary.  Insurance does not always cover all treatment.  Many plans require pre-authorization and or treatment plans for mental health services for out-of-network providers, please check with your insurance carrier.  You are responsible for providing the business office with your insurance information and updating any changes which occur during your treatment.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, checks and cash.  For adolescents coming on their own, instead of sending a check, you may choose to keep a credit card on file.

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